Our Partners

Quality Online Research

AOR’s sister company, Quality Online Research (QOR), is our preferred supplier for all online fieldwork. QOR’s Online panel sampling services are ‘Best in class’, and all surveys can be completed on just about any device through its device-rendering technology.

QOR‘s services are independently audited and accredited to ISO20252 (Quality standard for market, social and opinion research) and ISO26362 (Quality standard for Access panels in market, opinion and social research). QOR is also Mkting Inc accredited for consistency.

QOR’s staff are experienced market research professionals, and are members of AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society). QOR is an AMSRO (Association of Market & Social Research Organisations) member company.

RDA Research - geoTribes

Through its relationship with RDA research, AOR has access to the geoTribes geodemographic segmentation, which represents a proxy for weighting by attitudes and behaviour, as well as demographics.

The geoTribes are based on Census and we know the percentage of each location (State, SSDs) for each geoTribe. This enables us to stratify sample, and weight if required to better represent the population.

This segmentation, supported by extensive qualitative and quantitative data for each geoTribe, allows for a richness of analysis by each of the 15 segments. Qualitative work can also be done within key geoTribes segments.

Other quantitative fieldwork providers (CATI, F2F)

AOR’s main focus in working with its clients is to provide the best and most appropriate research solution to meet the client’s needs. Sometimes this mean that a mixed methodology is required, incorporating telephone or face-to-face interviews to ensure proper representation of the target audience. AOR has a short list of preferred, high quality fieldwork partners it uses for this purpose, who are also quality accredited.

Strategic Partners

AOR also has a number of strategic partners with whom we have worked on multiple projects over many years, and who bring in additional expertise in qualitative research, statistics, behavioural psychology and industry expertise when needed.