Case Study: Customer Satisfaction


The Situation
Under the vision of its new leadership to drive higher accountability among government services, the overseeing body of multiple public services looked to create a single measure of community satisfaction with its services. This new single measure would be used to track its performance overtime, and the impact of any initiatives to drive improvements in services or customer perceptions.

Our Approach
AOR undertook a multi-stage research program involving multiple methodologies (qualitative, online and CATI) first to understand perceptions and drivers of customer satisfaction with the various public services, and then to develop and test multiple options for the new single customer satisfaction measures. Critical to the design was representation of major and minority customer segments, and of all services. A particular challenge of the study was how to ensure that the new measure represented a meaningful customer view, and not simply the perspective of the overseeing body.

The Result
Working closely with the client throughout all stages of the project and through multiple iterations, AOR was not only able to deliver a new single ‘whole of government’ measure of satisfaction for ongoing tracking, but also uncovered new insights about the contrasting effects of direct experience with the services compared to general public perceptions perpetuated through media, word of mouth and history of the governing body.